Monel R405®

Monel R-405® is very similar to Monel R405® except for its greater sulfur content. Monel R-405® also has the same corrosion resistance and physical properties as the Monel R405® with a slightly different range of mechanical properties. Monel R-405® was developed for good machinability.

Common Trade Names for Monel R405® include:

  • Monel 405®

Chemical Data for Monel R405®

  • C: .3 MAX
  • Mn: 2.0 MAX
  • S: .025-.060
  • Si: .5 MAX
  • Ni: 63.0 MIN
  • Cu: 28 – 34
  • Fe: 2.5 MAX

Available Forms for Monel R405®

  • Wire
  • Bar

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