Alloy AM-355 is a chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel which has been used for gas turbine compressor components such as blades, rotors and shafts. Alloy AM-355 has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and to a number of other mild chemical environments.

Common Trade Names for AM-355 include:

  • Alloy AM-355

Chemical Data for AM-355

  • C: .10-.15
  • Mn: .50-1.25
  • P: .04
  • S: .03
  • Si: .5
  • Cr: 15.0-16.0
  • Ni: 4.0-5.0
  • Mo: 2.5-3.25
  • Co: .07-.13
  • Co: .07-.13

Available Forms for AM-355

  • Wire
  • Bar
  • Sheet
  • Welding Rod

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